“Nora is one of the best English teachers I have met. She is very skillful, knowledgeable, and friendly. I had her lessons for about one and half years, and my English got much better than before. Especially, her pronunciation lessons are great. It has helped me a lot not only in daily life but also in a business setting. I can recommend her lessons with confidence to those who are eager to improve their English.” - Yoichi Suetake


“I had 16 private lessons (90 min each) from teacher Nora in 2017, and I would say it was a great experience. Actually, I requested to extend but could not due to a scheduling conflict. I really recommend her lessons, especially if your English is middle to middle-high level, as personalized/customized lessons are needed for such levels, and she will offer that. I remember that just in the first few lessons she found out what I should learn and suggested curriculum and a homework plan that was a perfect fit for my level. I got great training for my "Japanese" English pronunciation, useful phrasal verbs, etc. And she has a lot of English teaching experience with Asian students, including Japanese, so she really knows what and how we need to learn. I felt my English improved through her lessons. Have fun with her lessons!” - Takashi Sato


“ ‘I left my heart in San Francisco ~ 🎼’ This song reminds me of the time when I studied English with Nora in San Francisco. As I recall, it was the last song she taught to us in our English Through Music class. It also became the last song for me because I had to leave San Francisco and come back to Korea. I really liked her class, not only the interesting and educational curriculum but also her teaching style that let students’ guards down in front of both her and English. I was really sad to say goodbye to her, but fortunately, I got a lucky chance to see her again. I learn English with Nora on Skype once a month, and it’s already been one and a half years. She is more than my English teacher. She is my good mentor, adviser, and friend. She not only teaches me English but also gives me positive energy to keep going on a hard and long journey called English. She is the best teacher that I have ever met. I deeply thank Nora, and I am looking forward to seeing her every month.” - Seonhye Kim

Tsukasa & Satomi

“I have taken Nora’s lessons for 3 years. She has a lot of know-how and experience teaching English. She gets on my level to work with me. In her lessons, we talk and write about a variety of topics, including personal topics. She smoothly makes our conversation become lively. We can learn native English from her lessons. Her lessons feel free, and I enjoy her style. So we can keep learning English with Nora.” - Tsukasa

”I take Nora’s lessons with my husband and sometimes with my 2 year-old daughter from Japan! We have taken a 1 hour lesson once a month for the past 3 years. This opportunity keeps our motivation for studying English! My husband and I each write a composition before the class, and Nora helps us correct our mistakes and teaches correct usage and more natural expressions. We love to study this way. We have also taken her pronunciation class and Business English in the past. I had never taken a pronunciation class before, but that made me realize and fix my weak points. I think it has improved by being aware! She is a flexible and professional teacher, so she arranges class according to our interests. Now we don’t use English at work, but we always want to keep in touch with cheerful and considerate Nora and keep studying English!” - Satomi

S. Yamasaki

“Ms. Mitchell offers high quality English tutoring through private lessons focusing on accurate pronunciation, conversation skills, and grammar. I highly recommend her for her flexible teaching style based on the demands of her students. I wanted to learn English in a short period of time, more efficiently through private lessons. Ms. Mitchell always made me feel relaxed to speak English better. She taught me with topics of ordinary life. For example, conversation and documentation like a repair request to our apartment office, an appointment at the hospital, a home party, daily news, and so on. Since I was interested in a novel, "Of Mice and Men" by J. Steinbeck, she was flexible and used this novel for reading, conversation, and grammar. After these lessons, I was surprised when my American friends told me my English skills improved!” - S. Yamasaki