About Nora Mitchell English Lessons


  • BA French Language and History, U.C. Berkeley

  • TESL certificate, U.C. Berkeley Extension

  • MA TESOL, University of San Francisco

I love helping people learn the English language. Learning about language and culture has been a lifelong passion of mine from the time I studied French in high school and created my own specialized French major at UC Berkeley. I've always felt that there is so much more to learning a language than just reading, writing, and grammar. That's why my self-styled "French major" focused on language, history and sociology because you must appreciate a country's history and culture to understand its language.

More recently, I earned a TESL certificate from UC Berkeley Extension and a masters degree in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) from the University of San Francisco. I've enjoyed my studies thoroughly, enabling me to continue to pursue my life's passion: Helping people communicate.

Professional Career

I can empathize with business professionals who want to learn a different language because I have had the same experience. After receiving my undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, I moved to France and worked for JP Morgan Bank in their international securities division. After my work visa expired, I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area for a high-level marketing career in the technology space that had me traveling to France and other countries on assignments for Wind River Systems. After 12 years focusing on event coordination, marketing communications, and website management for Wind River, I spent a dozen years leading non-profits focused on youth in Oakland, CA and throughout Northern California.

After 25 years behind a computer I found it was time to step away and work face-to-face with people. I discovered teaching English is ideal as it ties my love of language and culture with my business and communication skills. I’ve been teaching business English one-on-one since July 2014. While I was working on my masters degree, I also taught English at an intensive English language school in San Francisco teaching students from around the world and at all levels. Today, I can be found teaching at two out of three community colleges near me, depending on the semester: Berkeley City College, Diablo Valley College and Laney College. I teach advanced reading and writing, advanced listening and speaking, and vocational ESL courses. Most importantly, I continue to enjoy teaching privately. I find that being able to draw from my professional experiences—both overseas and in the U.S.—has enabled me to help my students learn English to improve their educational and professional prospects.