Strengthen your business language skills.
What do you need to focus on?

  • Pronunciation & fluency
    You've studied English in school, but the focus was on reading and writing.  Now you have to actually speak English for your job.  It's possible!  We'll work on getting you speaking clearly, comfortably, fluidly.  Converstation with a focus on principals of American English pronunciation--review consonant and vowel sounds, intonation, linking, word and sentence stress, and more.

  • Business writing 
    Let's tailor your review of English writing skills on the types of writing you need to do for your job, whether it's Email, a report, your resumé (CVs), a white paper, or marketing materials. We'll build a series of lessons tailored to your needs.  We'll look at grammar, vocabulary, tone.  You'll learn to write in English in a clear, consise, and organized manner.

  • Meetings 
    Americans like their meetings!  Learn the effective elements of meetings--agendas, minutes, how to politely join a discussion, turn taking.  What happens before, during, and after a meeting.  We can also review common and appropriate topics for small talk. Let's practice!

  • Public Speaking
    Nothing more nerve wracking than speaking publicly in a foreign language.  Let's breakdown the components of sussessful public speaking and get you ready to present with confidence. We'll review presentation skills and practice presenting. 

  • Interview skills & customs
    Job seeking?  Or looking to hire new staff?  Understand apects of typical American business culture important in the interview process.  We'll role play.  Let's get you hired!  Or help you attract the best new employee.

  • Customer relations and support
    Do you work in customer support? Being a good listener is key to successful customer support.  We'll focus on listening comprehension and role play support scenarios.

  • Phone skills
    Hard time being understood on the phone? This is one of the more difficult skills to conquer when learning a language. Let's practice and identify areas of your pronunciation to improve. You'll build confidence learning to speak clearly on the phone, and improve your listening comprehesion as well.

  • Marketing materials editing
    Need your English language marketing materials to sound more natural?  I can edit your existing marketing materials to be sure they sound like they were written by a native English speaker.

Let's talk!  I will develop a series of lessons based on your particular needs.